6m x 14m PVC 650gsm Deluxe Marquee


6m x 14m PVC 650gsm Deluxe Marquee with Belgiam PVC covers with End Gable supports, eaves support bars individual interchangeable windows, walls and doors. This marquee comes with 50mm dia steel galvanised poles with extra bracing for the strongest semi permanent marquee sitings. Hire Quality for your event and more.

  • 650gsm Belgian PVC Deluxe
  • Ultimate Commercial Marquee
  • Semi Permanent Siting
  • 50mm Dia Steel Galvanised Frame
  • All Spare Parts Available
  • 4 Seasons Marquee
  • Delivery 2-3 working days


Deluxe Commercial 6m x 14m 650gsm Marquee for Sale:

Bigmarquee have been supplying commercial marquees to the trade for nearly 20 years.

Why Bigmarquee:

  • Designers of our commercial marquees in the UK for over 20 years, our engineers ensure continual improvement on design.
  • We are confident that our structures are the highest quality 650gsm PVC marquee for sale in the UK.
  • Most noteworthy being the use of higher grade Belgian PVC and not the much cheaper Chinese alternative.
  • Even more re-enforced and supported where they need to be.
  • As a result we’re proud that our marquees will last many years and weather many storms, not just good for one event.
  • Many returning customers like The British Army, The National Trust, The Caravan Club & hire companies due to our professional conduct.
  • Consequently festivals like Glastonbury and Download always use us again and again.
  • We’re popular because we make sure that we don’t lower the quality of our marquees for sale to increase profits.
  • Finally, our marquees are the choice of the professionals and this is why the professionals use bigmarquees.

Also Order With This Marquee:

  • Roof Lining
  • Curtain Linings
  • Marquee Carpet Flooring
  • Tie Down Kit
  • Lighting
  • Marquee Walkway
  • Heaters
  • Gutter
  • Marquee Spare Parts


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6m x 14m 650 gsm PVC Commercial Marquee:


  • Fire Retardant – We always use Belgian PVC marquee covers which are Flame Retardant to BS5438 & BS7837 in Ivory 650gsm Rip Stop PVC on the roof and sides of our marquees, with welded (not sewn) seams because this provides total waterproofing along the joins.
  • Georgian Windows – We have True Georgian rounded window side panels which are 2.3m x 2m and are individual panels (7 for each side) which attach to eaves leg and ground bar poles with bungee ties because this allows the panels freedom of movement in strong gusts of wind which intern prevents splitting and ripping of the panels but these are all attached together and waterproofed with the leg covers.
  • Interchangeable Panels – We manufacture our marquees with fully interchangeable panels – All panels around the marquee are the same size and therefore compatible so you an move your doors, windows or plain panels where ever you need them.
  • Completely Sealed – We make sure that our marquees are completely sealed to the wind and the rain with fixed leg covers which connect every side panel to the next, this means no flapping leg covers so gaping holes which can be exploited by the wind
  • Rain Run Off Skirt – We ensure that these are on all panels and leg covers covering all sides and ends of the marquee as a result the water will run off away from the marquee ensuring that no water runs back under and inside the marquee.


  • Roof Bracing – we provide both vertical and horizontal for extra strength, therefore the marquee can better cope with loading from Snow, Rain & Wind.
  • Roof Purlin’s – we provide these for extra support to ensure that there is no water pooling on the roof eaves during heavy down pours
  • Ground bars – we provide these on all 4 sides of the marquee included in the price as we know that these are essential to the structure and stability of the marquee
  • Corner Braces – This marquee is manufactured with corner support braces in the framework to stop twisting of the frame under load
  • Bolted Joints – we ensure that we use fixed pole to joint connections for a firm fit and a ridged frame which does not sway and twist in the wind.
  • Re-Enforced End Gables – Our end gables are made up of 3 individual 2.3m x 2m plain panels incorporating a non structural pole support between each panel for added strength in the wind, one of the plain panels at each end has zips incorporated so that the panel can be used as a door, all panels and support poles can be removed individually or completely.
  • Vertical walls – we design and build our marquees with vertical walls as this is essential for weathering a marquee to the house or for attaching your marquee to other marquees or to walkways
  • Zinc Galvanised Poles – the marquee poles  are made from 50mm diameter strong galvanised steel with a 2mm wall thickness
  • Zinc Galvanised Joints – the marquee joints are also made from strong galvanised steel which is 56mm diameter and has a 2mm wall thickness


  • Length: 14m
  • Width: 6m
  • Height: 3.3m
  • Overall Floor Space: 84 sq m
  • Capacity Seated: 94 seated
  • Capacity Standing:  126 standing
  • Height to Gutter: 2.3m
  • Height to Apex: 3.3m
  • Clearance from ground to horizontal wind brace: 2.8m

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  • Frame : 50mm / 56mm Galvanised strong steel tubing bolted secure, eaves braces vertical & horizontal, roof braces, end gable support bracing – with 3 separate 2m panel gables.
  • Sidewalls: 650gsm, Fire retardant rip stop PVC, with the option to roll up or remove individual 2m panels. Fire Retardant to: BS 7837:1996 – BS5438:1989 Test method 2B with welded seams, 100% wind & waterproof.
  • Interchangeable Side & End Walls : Yes
  • Plain Sides Available: Yes – select in options
  • Roof: 650gsm, marquee roof is in one complete section, similarly BS fire retardant rip stop PVC. Also with welded seams, 100% completely wind & waterproof.
  • Branded: No
  • Eyelets: Brass, Heavy duty.
  • Clear span: 6m
  • Weight: 570 Kg
  • Warrantee: Yes
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes
  • All Spare Parts Available: Yes
  • Durability: Commercial 4 seasons
  • People Needed to Erect: Min 2 – Ideal 3-4


  • We provide you with a full 12 Month Warranty and full marquee spares back up with every marquee for sale.


  • With 2 to 4 people this marquee proves very easy to erect and with the comprehensive easy to follow instructions we supply when the marquee is delivered together with the video we have in our Marquee Instructions section, it’s almost too easy.

Points To Note:

  • Ensure you purchase tie down kits with this marquee while ordering.
  • Cleaning, Maintenance & Storage


Why Buy This 650gsm PVC Commercial Marquee:

  • Very easy to erect.
  • Easy to transport and easy to store.
  • 2.3 m eaves for extra head height in entry & exit.
  • 50mm dia strong galvanised steel poles with 2mm wall thickness
  • Heavy Duty Commercial Quality
  • Anti Stain, anti mildew, UV repellent coated PVC
  • All year round use.
  • Extremely Sturdy and able to be left up for long periods.
  • Welded seams which mean that no water will seep through.
  • Completely sealed marquee sides and ends.
  • Sealed to ensure that no wind or rain can force its way inside the marquee.
  • Equipped with eaves braces, these support the PVC material span between bays on your roof cover.
  • Eave supports stop water pooling during heavy downpours, preventing weight build up and ultimately the collapse of your structure.

Be an Event Master and not an Event Disaster!


Highest Quality 650gsm Commercial Marquee for Sale in the UK.

Additional information

Weight 570 kg
Dimensions 2100 × 1000 × 1000 cm


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