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Marquee Tie Down Kit

Securing Your Marquee

Recent high winds and adverse weather has meant an increased need for marquees to be tied down properly, we are experiencing high volumes of orders for tie down kits, but be sure to give us a call if you need to order any yourself as we also are getting calls for spare parts such as bent and broken poles due to marquees becoming airborne due to not being correctly tied down.

The last call we want from you is one explaining how you thought the weather was going to be ok, so you didn’t tie your marquee down as you were putting it up, then the party got going and you completely forgot, then you went to bed after a great night all round only to awake in the morning to a disaster scene where once stood a beautiful new marquee.

Always tie a marquee down, no matter how calm it is, not matter how long its going to be standing, no matter what!

Tie Down Your Marquee Correctly

I will do a separate post on exactly how to tie a marquee down correctly later on this week, but make sure in changing weather that you check your tie downs and your ratchets are nice and taught and there is no slack that the wind can take advantage of, on top of this, always make sure that your marquee run off skirts are securely fixed into the ground and that all of the entrances and exits are closed securely once the marquee is left unattended. If the marquee is attended and the wind starts to pick up a bit, ensure that you close any entrance or exit that is facing into the wind and move this to the lee side of the marquee.

Our Marquee weathered some quite strong winds at the weekend – We were surprised how well it managed with the full tie down kit you supplied, we were definitely pleased that we fitted it.

It takes a few minutes extra to fit a spike at the base of every leg pole and the run a ratchet round the joint at the top of the pole and down to the anchor spike and then ratchet it taught, this action may well save a lot of money in replacement parts.

Be an event master and not an event disaster.

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