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Marquee side 500gsm

650 gsm v’s 500gsm

A question we get a lot “Which marquee grade do i need, whats better? 650gsm obviously?”.

Well No… Not exactly, It all depends on what you need, what your requirements are. For instance, If you are managing a restaurant and you are short of seating every summer as the restaurant gets really busy, so you are after some semi permanent seating for your restaurant which will be present from April/May through to Sept/Oct, then yes a 650gsm marquee is better for you. But if you’re after a marquee for a weekend event that you will be using on various weekends through out the summer in various different locations, then a 500gsm marquee will suit your needs much better.

Its the old “Biggest isn’t always best” scenario, Both are commercial quality, but our hire companies will more often than not use the 500gsm over the 650gsm as this marquee is easier to put up/take down and easier to move around.


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